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For our current clients, you can leave a message at (616) 499-4191 with details of your request. Our team will get back to you within 24 business hours.

For prospective clients, we do not have a traditional call center. We have hundreds of pre-qualification requests submitted every day, so we have a systemized process for bringing on new clients. Please see the FAQ below for more detail.


What's the first step to getting access to your lender network?

The credit report review is the REQUIRED first step in the underwriting process so you don't waste an inquiry and ruin your chances at approval now or in the future.

Thanks to a partnership with THE ONLY vendor available exclusively for entrepreneurs, so you can get both your Personal & Business Credit Reports from one source for a fraction of the cost of going directly to the credit bureaus.

Why don't you list a phone number?

We've made a choice to not charge upfront fees, which means we have very limited time to spend with tire-kickers. If you complete a loan application, even without the added documentation, we know you're serious and we'll jump on the phone with you with no problems.

What is included in the Free Underwriting Analysis?

A picture is worth a thousand words, you can can download a Sample Underwriting Analysis here to see what you'll soon have in your hands personalized to your business.

If you don't charge upfront fees, how do you get paid?

We are like any other professional, so we've set it up this way so you can evaluate our expertise. Literally hundreds of new members join our site every day so that leaves little time for support, especially with our free model. We've set it up so that you can learn yourself, do yourself, and also give you options to enlist our expertise (for a fee), just like you would with a CPA, mortgage broker, etc.

How much are your fees?

The short answer is anywhere from 1 to 12%, it all depends on the type of financing, funding amount and the man hours that will go into fulfilling your request. You will be presented with that information when you receive your Underwriter Analysis, and at which point you can choose whether or not to proceed. We won't make a dime until getting you approved so it's in our best interest to present you with options that are to your liking. We aren't in this to get rich, and we're not a charity either but we will always be fair and upfront.

What are the rate and terms provided?

In short, there's no way to say. Rest assured, you'll know all the details and agree to the terms before we ever apply to anything.

Will this hurt my credit?

No, we use credit reports that won't cause any problems with getting approved with lenders. You'll be informed of everything before it happens, so as to not make a mis-step. That's why we're here, to help avoid all the pitfalls of doing it yourself.

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